Non-Legal Claim Examples

01. Cyberbullying or defamation

Example of cyberbullying or defamation may include:

A pupil at your child’s school takes and shares embarrassing images of your child on the internet


a) We will support you to request the removal of such content, involving lawyers if necessary


b) We will reimburse the first 10 hours of therapy given to your child by a specialist if you determine they need it after suffering such an incident

02. Recovery of insured data

Examples of recovering insured data may include:

You receive a virus or ransomware that prevents access to the data on your computer


a) Our specialists will attempt to restore your computer to a functioning state where removal of the virus is possible


b) Or restore the latest back up you have if available; or recover as much of your data as possible which you can then load on to a computer of your choice

03. Online sales fraud

Example of online sales fraud may include:

You sell a laptop online and ship it reasonably believing you will receive electronic payment for it which never reaches your bank account


a) If you are unsuccessful in recovering the laptop or payment from the buyer or platform we will reimburse you the agreed purchase price


b) You must prove the agreed sales price and the fact that the item was successfully shipped

04. Online shopping fraud

Example of online shopping fraud may include:

You have bought a pair of shoes online. If they fail to arrive 14 days after the delivery date and the seller refuses to rearrange delivery or reimburse you because the seller is a scammer.


a) We will reimburse you the cost of the shoes


b) If the goods arrive or the seller or bank subsequently reimburses you, you must reimburse us

05. Online theft of personal funds

Examples of the theft of personal funds may include:

You are tricked by a phishing scam and the scammers use your bank details to steal your money through online banking, we will reimburse you if the bank will not.


If someone uses your debit card details online, we will reimburse you if the bank will not.