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NeoCyber is your personal online security guard.  It aims to protect individuals in the digital space. The increasing number of users online made it imperative for us to create a holistic solution to protect them. Hence, we introduced a personal cyber insurance product.

At NeoCyber, we address every potential online risk with the intention of providing a secure digital presence for users.



Our mission is to make you digitally secure and make the UAE the safest digital country

in the world.


Every human being and child should live in a fearless digital world.

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Founders Bio

Born with an entrepreneurial mindset and a flare for customer relations, Munish aspired to be a game changer in the financial industry from the very beginning of his career in the field. Hailing from the San Francisco Bay area (AKA Silicon Valley), Munish completed 11 years in the global insurance arena before deciding to catapult into entrepreneur mode by leveraging the digital disruption that is engulfing the financial industry.

And thus, was born NeoCyber — an amalgamation of insurance and technology with an aim to transform digital experiences.

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Advisors profile

IronNet Cybersecurity


Sales executive in the Cybersecurity space.

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Vista International Insurance brokers

15 yrs of Insurance exp.

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Exe. Director

Insurance Brokers

30 yrs of Insurance exp.

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Rajiv Raj

Co-Founder & Director

Credit Vidya

Alternative Data Experience.

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Prem Mulani
Mike Foisy
Gorav Mehta

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